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Couples and Relationship Counseling

You don’t want to be growing apart.

You don’t mean to be hurting one-another.

Deep inside, you even know that, in those important areas of disagreement, there must be a way to discover the perfect answer or solution that honors both of your feelings and ideas.

Would you be surprised to hear that your unpleasant feelings are never about what you think they are about?  It’s not about the money, the sex, the blame, the hurt.  It’s not about the garbage or the toothpaste cap, the messy car or house.  It is about the process underneath your discussions of these topics.

You feel unheard, and so does he.
You feel ignored, and so does she.

You feel unloved...you both do at times.
And tensions erupt, or silence and distancing sets in..

Even if there has been infidelity, or significant distancing,  there is a way out.

If you are both committed,  you can heal from your hurts, and grow closer again.

You can learn how to listen deeply to one another, without fearing that your own viewpoint will be lost or unvalued.  There is a way to understand one another more deeply than you ever have before, and to restore love and renewed commitment to your relationship.

There is a way to get past previous hurts with compassion, and maybe even forgiveness.  If this is what you’ve both been longing for, and you are willing to do some learning and growing together, I can help you do just that.

We all long to love and be loved.    Help is a phone call away.