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Heal... Flourish... Thrive!

You have, within yourself, everything you need to live a happy, healthy, vibrant and peace-filled life.  Even your desire to find a helpful guide is evidence of that.  Whether you are facing life challenges  or  changes, feeling depressed or anxious, mired in substance abuse or family discord, or  just feeling lost and without direction, therapy can help you find restored balance, a steady anchor, a  thriving self that is healed and renewed .

Anchored in Gestalt therapy, I help clients free themselves from behavioral and emotional patterns that keep them from living the wholesome and fulfilling life they desire.  I help couples understand one-another more deeply, and communicate more lovingly and clearly.  My work with children and teens ~ as well as adults ~ focuses on developing a sense of Self that is strong, compassionate, fun-loving and resourceful.  I dovetail my interventions to the unique needs and personality of each client, drawing from the rich tapestry of contemporary psychology, current research,  and prevailing models of Therapy and healing.

Is it time to take that first step towards healing, wholeness and Joy?
I hope so…I look forward to meeting you!